Local Health and Wellness Center


The Fitness Connection

 Stephanie Radice is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reflexologist.  Her goal is to aid clients in achieving their wellness needs by developing a safe and comfortable atmosphere for the individuals mind and body to come together as one.  Each person’s special mode of healing can form from within; thereby allowing the person to create their own unique long lasting health and wellness.

As a therapist Stephanie uses a neutral, compassionate hand with clients so that the highest level of comfort can be reached during therapy sessions.  She also makes sure to keep an open ear and open mind because sometimes the best relief can come from someone who simply listens.

As a Reflexologist Stephanie practices the art and science of engaging with all 14,000 nerve endings in the feet that affect our bodies, inner organs, and glands.  Reflexology is a proven method of treating a multitude of disorders while still being one of the safest modalities of soft tissue specialists.  The end result of treatments is one of deep and profound relaxation.

Whatever a person’s needs may be, Stephanie is here to help with your health and well being.